DBZ Episode 212 - Best of the Boys

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[edit] Episode 212 - Best of the Boys

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Japanese Name: Pleasure a Hundred Times Over! The New Junior Champion has Been Determined!

As the match between Goten and Trunks continues, they soon make a promise to each other not to use any energy beams, as the lack of control could put innocent people in danger. Trunks later deems it also unfair to use their Super Saiyan powers, after Goten uses the transformation to escape a strangle hold just before he is about to lose.

The battle goes on, and the highly confident Trunks tells Goten he’ll be able to win this fight without using his left hand. But Goten soon finds he shouldn’t have been quite so trusting, when Trunks uses a brutal sneak attack of transforming into a Super Saiyan, and firing an energy blast out of his left hand!

Goten is furious at Trunks for cheating three times at once in order to win, but Trunks says he can have some of his toys as a peace offering to calm him down. But with the Junior Division finally completed, an interesting exhibition match is about to begin...

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