DBZ Episode 210 - The World Tournament

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[edit] Episode 210 - The World Tournament

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Japanese Name: Not Bad Little Trunks

While Gohan and Videl are forced to wait for a replacement punching machine to arrive at the stadium, the other Z Fighters go the main arena to watch the Junior Division of the Tournament. But before the fights can begin, a large blimp flies over the ring with a huge TV screen, showing a corny and cringe-worthy remake movie of the Cell Games, with Hercule saving the day!

As the audience cheer for their champion Hercule, Goku finds the funny side to the movie, while Piccolo and Vegeta are disgusted by it! As the movie finishes, the Junior Division can finally kick off. When Trunks comes to his first battle, he is facing a cocky older boy with an annoying mother watching from the stands. Bored and unimpressed, Trunks quickly wins his match with ease an advances to the next round.

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