DBZ Episode 20 - Goku's Ancestors

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[edit] Episode 020: Goku's Ancestors

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Japanese Name: The Saiyan Legend Reborn! Goku's Roots

A little over four months now remain until the Saiyans arrive on Earth and Goku is eager to continue his training, so King Kai calls upon Gregory, a small cricket like creature. The next task given to Goku is to be able to hit Gregory with a heavy hammer, Gregory is also incredibly fast so that makes this task even more difficult.

Back on Earth Gohan's training with Piccolo still goes on, as does everyone's training on Kami's Lookout.

On Kai's planet, King Kai stops the training briefly to let Goku eat dinner. He also takes this opportunity to tell Goku what he knows about the Saiyan race; about how Planet Vegeta was home to two races, the Saiyans and the Tsufruians. At one point, the Saiyans attacked the Tsufruians, and the battle was brought to a conclusion when a full moon appeared and transformed the Saiyans into their large Oozaru forms. After this, the Saiyans ruled Planet Vegeta and went off in search of more planets to conquer, joining forces with a rich and vast civilisation in order to gain more scientific equipment. However, Planet Vegeta had it's own God and destroyed the planet, only Goku and three other Saiyans survived. After hearing the story, Goku is more determined than ever to get better to fight the Saiyans and resumes his training.

Back on Kami's Lookout, Kami sends Tien and the others back to Earth, saying there is nothing left for him to teach them.

Two more weeks pass and Goku is still trying to catch Gregory with the hammer, finally managing it. Goku is finally ready to be trained by King Kai himself.

Back on the Earth, Master Roshi consults Baba to find out what Earth's future is, however she is not able to see. Elsewhere, everyone is hard at their training.

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