DBZ Episode 207 - Take Flight, Videl

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[edit] Episode 207 - Take Flight, Videl

Japanese name: AHH! I Flew!! Videl Learns to fly

Gohan starts by teaching Videl about Ki and how to manipulate it, but Videl thinks that Ki is nothing but trickery. After a lot of training, she finally learns how to create a Ki ball. She has dinner with Gohan's family, and causes Gohan some embarrassment. In the other world, South Kai brings his fighter to King Kai, saying that he is better than Goku, and will participate in the tournament. They have a weight lifting match, which Goku wins by going Super Saiyan. It is now 28 days to the tournament. On earth, Gohan starts teaching Goten and Videl how to fly. They eventually succeed. Gohan tells Videl to cut her hair short. Videl blushes, and under the assumption that he is flirting, asks him if he prefers short haired girls, but he just says that short hair is more convenient while fighting. Videl gets angry and goes away. Meanwhile, Vegeta asks Trunks what he would do by entering the tournament. Trunks answers by turning into a Super Saiyan. Vegeta says that if Trunks manages to punch him, he would take him to the park. Trunks succeeds. Back at Gohans, an aircraft lands, and someone comes out. Its is Videl, and she has cut her hair short. She is ready to continue her training.

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