DBZ Episode 206 - The Newest Super Saiyan

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[edit] Episode 206 - The Newest Super Saiyan

Japanese name: Gohan is Surprised Too. Goten's Explosive Power

Gohan tells Chi-chi about the tournament, who gives him permission to participate when he says that there would be prize money. Goten helps him train by throwing rocks at him. He turns into a Super Saiyan, much to Gohans shock, who thought that he himself was the youngest Super Saiyan. Goten reveals that he became a Super Saiyan while sparring with Chi-chi, and reveals that Trunks can also turn into a Super Saiyan. He then asks Gohan to teach him to fly. Videl also arrives at the scene, and reminds Gohan of his promise to teach her to fly.

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