DBZ Episode 205 - I'll Fight Too!

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[edit] Episode 205 - I'll Fight Too!

Japanese name: Goku's coming to the Tenka-Ichi Budokai

The episode starts off with Saiyaman saving a plane from crashing, and giving an interview to a television reporter. He then goes over to Bulma's house, and tells her about the blackmail. She gives him a head cloth and sunglasses, as helmets are not allowed in the tournament. Vegeta comes to him and says that he would beat him in the tournament. Just then, Goku's voice sounds and tells them that he is being granted a one day pass, and is coming to earth for the tournament. Gohan heads to Roshi's to relay the news, and sees a few men terrorizing a woman in her car. He stops them, but find out that it was just a movie, and he ruined the take. He reaches Roshi's place, and tells Krillen and #18 the news. He goes to Dende's place and tells the same to Piccolo and Popo.

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