DBZ Episode 204 - Blackmail

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[edit] Episode 204 - Blackmail

Japanese name: A Great Theft! And the Culprit is The Great Saiya-man

Gohan and Goten start out to meet Chobi, a baby dinosaur they have known for a long time. They don't find him at his home. On TV, they see a trainer making Chobi perform tricks, and being cruel to him. Gohan goes to talk to the trainer, who refuses to hand over Chobi. He changes into the Saiyaman and returns, and takes Chobi with him. Videl spots him and stops him. He says that if Chobi isn't returned to his home, his parents would wreck havoc on the city. Indeed, his parents come and start searching for Chobi.They attack Videl, but Saiyaman saves her, receiving a scratch in the process. Videl understands what he is trying to do. The police arrest the trainer, and Chobi is returned. Videl later sees Gohan with a scratch at the same place where Saiyaman got a scratch while protecting her. She threatens him that she would reveal his secret to everyone, unless he participated in the World Tournament, and teaches her how to fly. Gohan reluctantly agrees.

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