DBZ Episode 203 - Rescue Videl

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[edit] Episode 203 - Rescue Videl

Japanese name: Gohan you must move quick! Save Videl...

Gohan goes to school as the Saiyaman, and is chased by Videl. Later, managing to lose her, he arrives at school. Videl is excused for being late, as she is a crime fighter. Meanwhile, the Red Shark gang have kidnapped the Mayor, and insist that Hercule come and fight them, as they know that Hercule is a fake. Videl is called to deal with them, and Gohan has to wait for an earthquake to hit before he can leave the school and go to help Videl as Saiyaman. He makes short work of the gang, and Videl takes out the leader. Videl thanks Gohan for his help.

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