DBZ Episode 201 - I am Saiyaman!

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[edit] Episode 201 - I am Saiyaman!

Japanese name: The Lover of Justice The Great Saiya-man

Bulma agrees to make a costume for Gohan. Gohan tries it out, and likes it, although Bulma and Turnks think that it looks ugly. Bulma tells him that he can put it on anytime by pressing a red button on his watch. Gohan returns home. On the way, he spots a car speeding above the speed limit, and stops it, proclaiming that he is the Great Saiyaman. He returns home and practices changing into his costume. The next day, a bus is hijacked, and Videl is called to help the passengers. Gohan leaves the room, under the pretense of going to the bathroom, but instead, goes to the bus, and saves it before it runs off a cliff, while Videl deals with the hijackers.

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