DBZ Episode 200 - Gohan Goes to High School

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[edit] Episode 200 - Gohan Goes to High School

Japanese name: Seven Years since. I'm a High School Student

Gohan, being late for school, decides to fly at high speed. On the way, he sees some thieves robbing a bank. So that no one would recognize him, Gohan turns Super Saiyan, and takes out the thieves. He returns to base, and goes away, but bumps into Videl, who is then told about the "Golden Fighter" by a old man on the scene. Gohan arrives at the Orange Star High School, where he is made fun of by the boys, and thought as cute by the girls. In a baseball match, although Gohan wishes to hide his powers, he accidentally flies into the sky to catch a ball, and later is unfazed as a ball is thrown right at his face, while he is batting. At the end of school, Gohan, who wants to help people without revealing himself, so he goes to Bulma for advise.

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