DBZ Episode 1 - The New Threat

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[edit] Episode 01: The New Threat

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Japanese Name: Mini-Goku is an overprotected Boy! I am Gohan

Five years have passed since Goku defeated Piccolo at the Tenkaichi Budokai and since then the world has been a peaceful place. Goku and ChiChi have been living quietly near Mount Paozu and even have a young son, named Gohan. But little do they know that a stranger from outer space is headed for Earth, looking for someone named Kakarot…

Back on Earth Goku is getting ready to go meet up with his old friends at Master Roshi’s island, but Gohan has gone missing in the forest. The young boy was chased through the forest by a lion and lost his hat with the Dragon Ball in it, and later finds himself falling into a fast flowing river. Goku eventually catches up to his son, but not before he goes over a waterfall. Somehow Gohan manages to save himself by grabbing onto a branch above the waterfall. Goku wonders how Gohan was able to do that, but Gohan doesn’t seem to know, and is more worried about losing his hat.

Meanwhile the stranger who landed on Earth runs into Piccolo, who he detected through a device over his eye that detects power. The stranger thought that perhaps the power he detected belonged to Kakarot, but finds that Piccolo was not who he was looking for. Piccolo is amazed by the strength of the stranger but before he can fight him the stranger takes off, sensing another strength who he thinks might be Kakarot.

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