DBZ Episode 19 - Defying Gravity

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[edit] Episode 19: Defying Gravity

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Japanese Name: The Battle with Gravity! Catch Bubbles-kun

Five months are left until the Saiyans arrive on Earth and Goku finally meets King Kai. Goku asks for training, but King Kai will only train Goku if he passes a test; to make him laugh at a "play on words" joke. Goku does manage to make King Kai laugh so he agrees to train him to tell jokes. It's then that Goku points out that he is actually here to learn how to fight. However, Goku is having a hard time dealing with the gravity on this planet, although King Kai is impressed with how well he has coped so far. Goku then explains the situation on Earth, King Kai uses his powers and is able to tell exactly how far the Saiyans are, telling they must be about 158 days away. In order for Goku to overcome the gravity, King Kai has Goku chase after Bubbles, saying he will train him after he can catch him.

Back on Earth, Gohan is still training hard with Piccolo, he seems to be making improvements but still has a long way to go in Piccolo's eyes. Three weeks have passed and Goku is still trying to catch Bubbles, and finally he is successful.

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