DBZ Episode 196 - Tournament Begins

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[edit] Episode 196 - Tournament Begins

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Japanese name: I'm the Best in the Next World!! Heroes of the Ages Assembled

Goku is back on Grand Kaio's planet and explaining to King Kai how things went down in Hell. King Kai introduces Goku to lots of martial artists from the Northern galaxy who are training hard in order to be trained by Grand Kaio. The West, East and South Kaio's show up, happy to hear that North Kai has died. The West Kaio suggests, as it is the first time in 300 years since the 4 Kaio were together, that they hold a tournament - the Anoyoichi Budokai. The Grand Kaio is happy with this idea and offers the winner the chance to train with him.

Goku is determined to win the tournament, which the East Kaio is suprised to hear from a newcomer, so challenges Goku to a race. The pair of them race and reach the finish line, but the winner is determined as Grand Kaio, who actually got there first, despite not mentioning he was participating.

The tournament begins with martial artists from each galaxy entering. The first round is Olivue, who came from Earth against Chapchai, a fighter from the East Galaxy. The match doesn't last lone, and Olivue is declared the winner. Finally is Goku's turn to fight, against Caterpi from the South Galaxy. This galaxy is known for being peaceful so it's fighters aren't very strong, Caterpi grabs hold of Goku and tickles him until he says he gives up. But Goku is suprised by how weak he is and easily escapes. Caterpi transforms into a chrysalis.. but it will take 1200 to hatch so Grand Kaio declares Goku the winner.

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