DBZ Episode 195 - Warriors of the Dead

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[edit] Episode 195 - Warriors of the Dead

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Japanese name: A Deep Impression!! There They Are! The Next World's Awesome Dudes

Goku, King Kai, Bubbles and Gregory are travelling along Snake Way with the intention of Goku meeting the masters of the afterlife. King Kai explains about the Grand Kaio who rules over the North, South, East and West galaxies and is a fan of the martial arts. Goku is very eager to meet the Grand Kaio and teleports the four of them to King Yama's check-in station. Once they arrive they head on to Heaven and the Grand Kaio's world in a plane.

Once they arrive they head to the Hall of the Grand Kaio where Grand Kaio lives. There they see the Kaio of the West who seems to have a rivalry with King Kai, he has also brought with him the greatest fighter in the West Galaxy, an alien called Pikkon. The two Kai's then argue over who is stronger, Goku or Pikkon and suggest they have the two of them fight to see. But before they are able to, the Grand Kaio makes his entrance. He says that there is trouble down in Hell, that Cell and Frieza have teamed up and are causing trouble and would like Pikkon to go sort it out. Goku insists he go too as he has fought them before.

The two arrive in Hell and find that Cell and Frieza, along with King Kold and the Ginyu Force have all teamed up. Goku is easily able to take care of the Ginyu Force and Pikkon easily takes down Cell, King Kold and Frieza and then the lot of them are locked up in a secure cell.

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