DBZ Episode 193 - One More Wish

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[edit] Episode 193 - One More Wish

Japanese Name: Gohan tells Chichi about Son Goku's death. Trunks Leaving for the Future!!

With Goku’s decision to remain in Other World, the rest of the Z Fighters are puzzled as to what they can use their second wish on the Dragonballs for. Yamcha even goes as far as suggesting they treat themselves by wishing for money. However, Krillin decides to ask Shenron if Android 17 and 18 can be turned into humans, not realising that Android 18 is still on the Lookout watching him. Shenron tells him he isn’t able to grant this wish, so Krillin instead asks that the dragon remove the self-destruct bombs within 17 and 18 instead. The wish is granted, and Shenron departs.

An embarrassed Krillin tells the others he did so the two of them could live normal lives, and that the two of them made a good couple. But then Android 18 shows herself and actually reveals that her and 17 are in fact brother and sister. Despite being irritated, she does thank Krillin for what he did, before leaving the Lookout.

The Z Fighters later depart the Lookout also so they may return to their homes. Gohan breaks the news to Chi-Chi that Goku has died and will not be revived, while Trunks prepares to return to his own timeline. At the Capsule Corp, everyone bids him farewell, as he leaves in his time machine to the battles that await him at home.

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