DBZ Episode 191 - Save the World

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[edit] Episode 191 - Save the World

Japanese Name: The Fight is over. Thank you Son Goku!!!

The final clash between Gohan and Cell is raging on, as both of their huge Kamehameha Waves collide, resulting in an epic beam struggle. Goku is still coaching Gohan to get more angry at his enemy and not hold back anything at all. Both Cell and Gohan attempt to have their beam over-power the other, but eventually the Z Fighters rush in to try and attack Cell, so they may distract him into losing his concentration on Gohan.

All their efforts seem to have no effect however, and Cell slowly starts to force Gohan's beam down, preparing to finish off the young Super Saiyan. But all of a sudden, Vegeta reappears on the battlefield firing an attack at Cell strong enough to distract him. With that, Gohan is able to take the opportunity to power up his beam to engulf Cell and finally destroy him once and for all.

The clouds of smoke clear as the battle is over, and an exhausted Gohan, transformed back to his normal state, falls to the ground laughing that peace has at last been restored.

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