DBZ Episode 190 - The Horror Won't End

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[edit] Episode 190 - The Horror Won't End

Japanese Name: From Father To Son. Son Goku's Spirit Passed Down.

Worry sets in for Gohan as he stands stood before the restored Cell powering up a Kamehameha Wave with all his might...In the process, Cell uses flashback to tell of what happened in his life to get him where he was today. The events include when he was eventually born and sent on his quest for perfection, only to discover Android 17 and 18 had been destroyed by Trunks. But as Trunks was about to use his Time Machine, Cell killed Trunks and stole it, using it to arrive in the current timeline.

Suddenly, Goku begins to speak to Gohan telepathically with help from King Kai, urging his son not to give up, and motivates him into using all of his strength to fire a gigantic Kamehameha Wave of his own. With that, both Cell and Gohan fire their huge energy beams and the final stand-off begins.

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