DBZ Episode 18 - The End of Snake Way

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[edit] Episode 18: The End of Snake Way

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Japanese Name: Last Stop on the Serpentine Road! Are you Kaio-sama?

Gohan is training hard with Piccolo still, but is finding his harsh training a challenge. Night falls and Gohan goes to sleep, but he is woken from a nightmare. He sees in the sky the moon is full, and fires him up, turning him violent. In the wilderness is the remains of Goku's Saiyan Space Pod that he arrived in, giving out an image of the full moon. Piccolo chases after Gohan and splits into two to deal with him, seeing that Gohan's tail has regrown. Piccolo can't understand how the moon can exist as he destroyed it months ago. Just as Piccolo is starting to take control over Gohan, he transforms into the giant ape. Piccolo attempts to destroy the moon but his beam goes straight through it.

Elsewhere Master Roshi, Bulma and Oolong are celebrating being able to collect all seven Dragon Balls.

Back in the wilderness, Gohan is rampaging wildly and Piccolo's efforts to subdue him are getting him nowhere. Eventually Piccolo is able to find the source of the projection of the moon - Goku's old Saiyan Space Pod. He destroys the spacepod and halts the projection, causing Gohan to return to his normal state and pass out. Piccolo removes Gohan's tail once more.

Back on Snake Way, Goku finally reaches the end! Up in the sky he spots a tiny planet, and assumes this must be where King Kai lives. He heads to the planet and is surprised to find it has a very heavy gravity that pins him to it's surface, making it difficult to stand. Goku finds a monkey who he assumes must be King Kai. He follows the monkey around for a bit until the real King Kai goes out to see what all the noise is.

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