DBZ Episode 189 - Cell Returns!

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[edit] Episode 189 - Cell Returns!

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Japanese Name: A Nightmare is Reborn... The Absolute Terror.

As the Z Fighters all stand devasted by what has just happened, Cell explains to them how he survived his own self-destruction. He says how it only took the survival of just one of his cells in the explosion for him to fully regenerate back to his normal state. On top of that, his power level increased like the Saiyans do, and he acquired Goku's Instant Translocation ability so he could return to Earth.

As Gohan prepares to step up and begin to fight again, Vegeta suddenly explodes with anger seeing Trunks lying dead. He flies at Cell with a powerful and deadly assault of multiple energy balls, refusing to stop. Unfortunately it is no use, and Cell emerges from the smoke with a blow that sends Vegeta crashing to the floor and down for the count.

Cell prepares to finish Vegeta off with one last attack, but Gohan dives in the way to save Vegeta at the last moment, even though one of his arms is broken in the process. Despite having only one working arm, Gohan still doesn't want to give in, but then Cell begins to power one final Kamehameha Wave...

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