DBZ Episode 188 - A Hero's Farewell

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[edit] Episode 188 - A Hero's Farewell

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Japanese Name: Bye Bye Everyone!!! Son Goku's last Teleportation.

An unconscious Android 18 has been released from the innards of Cell, who now no longer being perfect de-evolves into his previous form. In this state, Cell is far weaker than before and would be easy for any of the Super Saiyans to finish off. However, Gohan tells his father that he still won’t put the villain out of his misery just yet; as he wants him to pay for everything he ever did, much to Goku’s dismay.

Knowing the end is here, Cell suddenly initiates a shocking tactic to self-destruct, destroying the Earth in the process. Cell appears to have grasped victory from the jaws of defeat, as now not even Gohan is able to stop his plan from being held. The Super Saiyan boy is devasted that he could have defeated Cell with ease, but now because of his big-headedness the Earth is doomed.

But suddenly, Goku declares that he will use Instant Translocation to take himself and Cell to another planet in order to save the Earth, sacrificing himself in the process. With that, Goku and Cell disappear forever...They appear on King Kai's very own planet and as Cell finally exploded, King Kai, Bubbles and Gregory are also killed along with Goku and Cell...

Back on Earth, the Games appear to be over, when suddenly a beam of light shoot out of a cloud of smoke, killing Trunks. Everyone stands in shock as Cel, in his perfect form, emerges from the smokes, revived, and stronger than ever before...

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