DBZ Episode 187 - Cell's Break Down

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[edit] Episode 187 - Cell's Break Down

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Japanese Name: Cell's Perfect Body Breaks Down

The Z Fighters continue to be amazed by the incredible power that Gohan is exhibiting. Cell is starting to run out of options, as his hopes of winning appear to be crashing before him. Becoming desperate, he flies into the air and fires a huge Kamehameha Wave down towards the Earth. Some panic hits the onlookers, but Gohan has the situation completely under control, and reflects Cell’s attack with a Kamehameha of his own. When the dust clears, Cell is very badly injured, but instead of finishing him off, Gohan allows Cell to regenerate so their battle may continue.

Cell is enraged, and powers up to his absolute maximum strength, but in doing so makes his body far more bulky and heavy, resulting in him being way too slow to land a successful blow on the young Super Saiyan. Finally, Gohan delivers a punch to Cell’s gut that is so critical that Cell ends up spitting out Android 18!

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