DBZ Episode 186 - The Unstoppable Gohan

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[edit] Episode 186 - The Unstoppable Gohan

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Japanese Name: Gohan Staggers Cell with 2 Punches

Cell begins to fight with Gohan again, but none of his attacks are able to hit the child Super Saiyan 2. All of the Z Fighters continue to stand in gasp at just how strong Gohan has become, while Cell is just becoming more and more angry.

Gohan doesn’t attempt to fight back, and just continues to dodge and deflect all of Cell’s blows one by one until his opponent becomes so annoyed that he powers up out of rage. Refusing to be humiliated anymore, Cell’s power up finally allows him to land a punch on Gohan...But shockingly, the attack has left Gohan completely unfazed, who retaliates with a powerful punch into Cell’s stomach.

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