DBZ Episode 183 - Android Explosion

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[edit] Episode 183 - Android Explosion

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Japanese Name: Small Wonders!!! Cell's Juniors Attack

Gohan is refusing to continue the fight, as he does not want to have to kill Cell if his full power were to be awakened. Cell however still really wants to see it and tries to push Gohan to the edge. He gets the boy in a strangle hold and starts to squeeze him to death, knowing that the only way Gohan can escape to release his power.

Goku had been confident that Gohan’s hidden power could be released during this fight in order to destroy Cell, but now he is devastated that he may have made a fatal mistake, as his son endures some serious pain before his very eyes. Suddenly, Android 16 rushes down to the battlefield, saving Gohan and grabbing Cell in a strangle hold of his own. 16 then declares that he will initiate the self-destruct bomb within himself that will be enough to kill Cell. But to the horror of the mechanical warrior, he is unable to use it, and the realisation hits that Bulma must have removed the bomb when she was repairing him...

With that, Cell fires a blast that blows Android 16 to pieces...Gohan is shattered by 16’s destruction, which makes Cell realise that he can have Gohan release his power by putting his friends in danger instead! With that, Cell sprouts seven midget sized versions of himself through his tail and orders for them to destroy all the Z Fighters!

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