DBZ Episode 182 - Gohan's Plea

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[edit] Episode 182 - Gohan's Plea

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Japanese Name: Gohan get Mad: Release the Sleeping Power Within!

Gohan and Cell’s fight is now underway and as blows are exchanged, Gohan is soon sent flying a mountainside by his opponent. Piccolo yells at Goku that his son cannot win and is just going to get hurt, but the Saiyan hero urges his friend to relax, wait, and see.

Gohan emerges from the rubble eager to continue fighting, but first has a proposition for Cell. He pleas to him to call off the fight and leave, since Gohan fears that if his hidden power were to all come out, he may not be able to help himself from destroying Cell. After hearing what Gohan has to say, Cell just laughs it off and yet becomes more and more intrigued to see Gohan’s hidden power with his own eyes, and decides to carry on fighting the boy to the point where he is forced to bring out his full potential...

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