DBZ Episode 181 - Faith in a Boy

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[edit] Episode 181 - Faith in a Boy

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Japanese Name: Someone Who Will Succeed the Strongest! His name is Gohan.

Everyone seems confused by Goku’s decision to give up fighting with Cell, and the Z Fighters even think he is suddenly deserting them. But Goku laughs it off and reveals there is someone in the group who is actually stronger than he is, and can take his place as the next warrior to compete, and be the person who finally takes down Cell.

Goku reveals that person to be none other than his son, Gohan! Some believe this to a preposterous claim, but Gohan admits he had no trouble keeping his eyes on the fight just now, and Goku said he merely fought first so that Gohan could study the way Cell fights and learn from it for when it is his turn to battle. It appears that Goku acted so relaxed in the days leading up to the Cell Games because he was confident that if Gohan’s anger released every ounce of his hidden power, it will be enough to defeat Cell.

Gohan prepares to begin his battle, and Goku now seems very confident. The Z Fighters are already questioning his decision as it is, but could Goku have lost his mind when he goes so far as to give Cell a senzu bean as well...?

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