DBZ Episode 180 - The Fight Is Over

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[edit] Episode 180 - The Fight Is Over

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Japanese Name: The End of the Desperate Struggle. Son Goku's Surrender!!!

The dust eventually clears from the aftermath of Goku’s incredible Kamehameha attack, revealing that only Cell’s bottom half of his body has remained, and the rest has been completely destroyed. Goku is exhausted from having used so much energy in that last attack, but find he still does not have time to rest, when Cell’s bottom half stand and eventually regenerate, returning Cell back to his normal state.

So the battle is set to continue, and Goku gives up everything he has in a final rapid multiple energy beam attack, which Cell still manages to survive. As the Z Fighters begin to fear Goku may not be able to continue any longer, they all receive an alarming shock when Goku powers down and admits to Cell that he is giving up!

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