DBZ Episode 17 - Pendulum Room Peril

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[edit] Episode 17: Pendulum Room Peril

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Japanese Name: City of No Tomorrow! The Long Road to Victory

Six months remain until the Saiyans arrive on Earth and back in the wilderness Gohan is training with Piccolo in combat.

High above the Earth Krillin, Tien, Yamcha and Chao Zu are still training. They ask Kami to give them the same training that Goku had when he was here, but Kami tells them that he actually taught Goku nothing. Popo then leads them to a room where they can travel time. The four of them are then sent to a devastated planet where two Saiyans are hiding. The two Saiyans challenge them and ultimately kill them all with relative ease, despite their efforts. However, it was just an illusion projected by the room. Kami reminds them all that those Saiyans were only at half strength and are nothing compared to the two Saiyans headed to Earth. They all decide to keep training as hard as they can.

Meanwhile in the wilderness Piccolo is still training with Gohan, and Goku is still running along Snake Way.

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