DBZ Episode 179 - No More Rules

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[edit] Episode 179 - No More Rules

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Japanese Name: Lose or Die. Son Goku's Turnabout Plans

The fight between Goku and Cell rages on, with both warriors now putting absolutely everything they have into their attacks. Cell is beginning to become agitated, and suddenly decides to destroy his tournament ring and scrap the rules he made for the Cell Games, so that he and Goku may use the entire area as their battleground.

With that, the clash continues as before, but eventually a maddened Goku suddenly flies high into the air and begins to power up a Kamehameha aimed at Cell standing on the ground. Some of the Z Fighters worry that a Kamehameha fired like that will most likely destroy the Earth, but Krillin tells them to relax as Goku wouldn’t dream of risking the Earth with one of his attacks...But worryingly, Goku continues to power up...As things get desperate, Goku all of a sudden executes his Instant Translocation attack and appears right beside an unguarded Cell, allowing him to fire his Kamehameha Wave straight through his defenceless opponent...Could this finally be the end?

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