DBZ Episode 178 - Cell's Bag of Tricks

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[edit] Episode 178 - Cell's Bag of Tricks

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Japanese Name: Direct Hit on Earth! Cell's Kamehameha

Things start to become a little more serious after Goku and Cell decide their warm-up is now reaching a completed state and they can now use more of their strength. Goku uses an impressive energy power-up, and Cell responds by throwing out multiple techniques that he has assembled during his growth, including Tien’s Multi Form technique.

But even when facing four Cells at once, Goku ultimately has no trouble downing them, since each of this forms has a mere quarter of the original Cell’s strength. The android returns to normal, and then attacks Goku with Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon, Frieza’s Kienzan Disc, and then even Goku’s very own Kamehameha Wave!

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