DBZ Episode 170 - A Girl Named Lime

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[edit] Episode 170 - A Girl Named Lime

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Japanese Name: The relaxation of the fighters...The girl, the lie and Gohan's decision

Gohan saves a young village girl from drowning while running errands to buy shopping for his mother. The girl introduces herself as Lime, and also allows Gohan to meet her grandfather. The two of them explain how a rich oppressor has made a bomb shelter to protect against Cell, but is forcing the villagers to pay sums of cash in order to live inside.

Gohan decides to step up and put an end to this unfair dilemma, knowing it is impossible for any bomb shelter to be able to survive an onslaught from Cell. But will he end up giving the villagers more fear in the process? And what will happen when Gohan is confronted by a hired assassin, who happens to be one of Goku’s old childhood enemies?

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