DBZ Episode 16 - Plight of the Children

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[edit] Episode 16: Plight of the Children

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Japanese Name: Run, Gohan! Longing for Mount Paozu, Where ChiChi is Waiting

Gohan has washed up on a beach and found by two children who at first think Gohan is dead. Once they realise he had just passed out they take him back to shelter until he wakes up again. The two children that found him are named Rom and Chiko and they explain that they are orphans living with a group of other children and Gohan can stay with them. They were orphaned two years ago when a tsunami hit their town, and every day a group of adults try to take them away with force from the home they have made for themselves. Rom, Chiko and Gohan manage to escape them this time by hiding in a tree. They watch from the tree as they try to take a girl away with them, but a much older boy comes to her aid. The boy, named Piegero, fends off the rest of the men until they all give up and leave.

After playing around for a while, the kids head to the next town to steal food, and manage to make it back to their home safely. Later that night Gohan talks to Piegero and explains how he isn't orphaned and is on his way to see his mother. Piegero says he'll drive them all to Gohan's house tomorrow. The next day they are all waiting for the adults from the institution to arrive, but the police also arrive too. Piegero takes Gohan and leaves the other kids behind, knowing they will be better off in the institution than becoming delinquents. Gohan is dropped off near his house, but doesn't go inside, knowing that he needs to fight to save the Earth. Piccolo finds him and takes Gohan back to the wilderness.

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