DBZ Episode 168 - Meet Me In the Ring

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[edit] Episode 168 - Meet Me In the Ring

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Japanese Name: Super Power of Son Goku and Gohan. Increase your power to the Max

Up at the Lookout, a group has gathered as Goku and Gohan’s time in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber is about to come to an end. As the door opens and they finally step out, the on-lookers are quite shocked to see that Goku and Gohan are in Super Saiyan forms, and yet are acting completely normal, as if the stage has become second-nature to them.

Vegeta feels jealous that he has been outclassed again so soon, and Trunks feels foolish that he spent his training desperate to increase his power level, when he could have trained to need no energy requirements for the power he already had like Goku and Gohan had done, which would have been more beneficial.

After changing clothes, Goku and Gohan visit Korin, where Goku powers up to display the highest results of his training. Korin then reveals that at the current time, Goku’s strength is around half that of Cell’s, but for some reason Goku doesn’t seem worried in the slightest. He later Instant Translocates to Cell’s location, giving him a message of warning that he will be his first and last opponent of the Cell Games...

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