DBZ Episode 12 - Global Training

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[edit] Episode 12: Global Training

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There are now nine months until the Saiyans arrive on Earth, and Gohan is asleep in a cave. When morning arrives Gohan decides he will try and find his way back home to see his mother.

Near a waterfall, Tien and Chao Zu are training, when Launch arrives, telling them she's made them some lunch. She tries to convince Tien to team up with her and hold up banks, but he refuses to eat the food and goes back to training outside.

Along Snake Way, Goku runs into a road cleaner who tells Goku he's only halfway along. The road sweeper offers to give Goku a lift in his car which Goku agress to so he can take a nap.

Both Piccolo, and Tien and Chao Zu, are training hard in their own locations. Piccolo loses control of his own power in the desert and causes a severe eathquake. It reaches as far as Gohan is, and even as far as where Tien is training. Tien rescues Launch from the earthquake, using his strength, which means elsewhere Bulma was able to pick it up on the Saiyan Scouter. The cold from the waterfall causes Launch to sneeze and turn back into her less violent form. She apologises for being a bother to them and heads back to the Kame House. However, on her way home she comes across a meadow of flowers and sneezes because of the pollen, turning her back again. She heads straight back to Tien and Chao Zu, but just then Krillin and Bulma also arrive. They explain to them everything that has gone on and that Kami will be training them.

Up on Snake Way, the cleaning cart bumps a corner and causes Goku to fall off, down into Hell. Goku wakes up from his sleep and wonders if he is in King Kai's place already. He takes some fruit from a tree but before he can eat it he is clubbed over the head.

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