DBZ Episode 125 - Goku's Ordeal

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[edit] Episode 125 - Goku's Ordeal

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Japanese Name: A Driver's License!? Son Goku's New Ordeal...

While being chased home from the market one day by an angry boar, Chi-Chi decides she has had enough of living so far away from civilisation and not being like other families. She demands that Goku learn to drive a car and get his license, along with Piccolo!

Goku is stuck with an elderly tutor who doesn’t even seem able to open a car door, while Piccolo has a young lady tutor with a very aggressive high-speed style of driving. The two students perform rather poorly and fail their tests.

They are given one last chance to pass but it is not going well. During a drive on a cliff during a storm, a bus full of kids is hit by an avalanche and falls from the cliff edge. Goku and Piccolo abandon their tests and successfully manage to save the day. Even though the tutors tell Goku and Piccolo they’ve failed the test, they still note that they were very impressed by their heroics and abilities to fly.

Chi-Chi is still angered that Goku and Piccolo have failed yet again, but three later, Goku, Piccolo and Gohan are leaving their home to join up with the other Z Fighters, so they may finally confront the Androids who are about to arrive.

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