DBZ Episode 124 - Z Warriors Prepare

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[edit] Episode 124 - Z Warriors Prepare

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Japanese Name: I'll Surpass you Goku! ! The Warrior Race Saiya-jin's King

Training for the Z Fighters gets underway, as everyone is determined to get as strong as possible for when the Androids attack in three years time. Vegeta has acquired a gravity chamber from Capsule Corp that he can use to train in the exact same way Goku did on his way to Namek.

Yamcha still doesn’t trust Vegeta and certainly isn’t impressed by his attitude. He goes into the gravity chamber late at night when everyone else is sleeping, and tests himself with it. But trying the pressure at 300 times Earth’s normal gravity is far too difficult for Yamcha to withstand, and he is fortunately able to turn the gravity back to normal before he is killed under the tremendous strain.

Elsewhere, Piccolo is staying with Goku and Gohan so they can all train together. A short spare between Goku and Piccolo seems pretty impressive, and both of them move too fast for Gohan’s eyes to keep up with. Meanwhile, Vegeta’s determination to catch up to Goku’s strength continues, as he begins to test himself under 400 times normal gravity...

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