DBZ Episode 123 - Goku's Special Technique

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[edit] Episode 123 - Goku's Special Technique

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Japanese Name: Son Goku's new Special Attack!? Look at my Instantaneous Movement!

Now that Frieza and King Cold have been defeated and Trunks has departed in his time machine, Goku’s friends question him about just how he survived the explosion of Planet Namek. Goku explains of how at the last moment he managed to find one of the Ginyu Force space pods intact and use it to escape the explosion. He crashed into a planet inhabited by the peaceful Yadrat race who nursed him back to health and even taught him a brand new technique.

This technique is called the Instant Translocation that allows Goku to instantly appear in any location in the universe just by focusing on that location in his mind. Shortly after that, each of the Z Fighters return to their homes so they may begin their training.

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