DBZ Episode 121 - Welcome Back Goku

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[edit] Episode 121 - Welcome Back Goku

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Japanese Name: Hiya! It's Been Awhile! The Return of Son Goku

The youth finishes off what remains of Frieza, killing him once and for all. After that he turns his attentions to his father, King Cold. The king questions the true depths of the boy’s power, claiming that he has only seemed strong because of his sword. The boy allows King Cold to test this theory by giving him his sword, but the youth quickly proves he is strong enough without it, and goes on to kill King Cold as well.

After that he greets the astonished Z Fighters and provides another shock to them by predicting the exact time and place that Goku will land back on Earth! Shockingly his claims turn out to be true, and Goku crashes down in a Saiyan space-pod, confused to find that all his friends were there waiting for him.

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