DBZ Episode 11 - Terror on Arlia

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[edit] Episode 11: Terror on Arlia

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It's morning and Gohan wakes up in the wilderness, heading off to collect berries for breakfast. He's grown a bit since we last saw him and his skills are coming along. The huge T-Rex from before starts chasing him, but Gohan doesn't seem to bothered by this, he even slices off part of his already shortened tail as some meat to eat. Piccolo is nearby and notes in the improvement in his skills.

Elsewhere, Bulma, Yamcha, Krillin and Puar are on their way to Kami's Lookout, but they need to find Tien and Chao Zu first.

Meanwhile in space, the two Saiyans, Vegeta and Nappa wake up. Vegeta says there is a good planet coming up worth dropping in on, so he had set his wake up timer for when they got near. They both land on the planet which looks quite barren and take a look around. Two insect like creatires appear infront of them and attack, not that it has any affect on them. Vegeta tells Nappa to surrender so they can meet Moai, the king of this planet.

Back on Earth, Launch is being chased by the police as she has just robbed a bank.

Elsewhere, Nappa and Vegeta are being transported towards the palace of this planet, into the dungeons. The prisoners sharing their cell explain that the King has lost his mind with greed. Vegeta and Nappa escape from their prison and go straight to the King who finds them ugly. He decides to have this warriors fight against them, if they win they can have anything they like. The warriors only last mere seconds against the two of them, so the king sends in his best warriors to fight them. After they are defeated easily, the King calls on Yedi, a giant monster, to fight them. Nappa takes on Yedi himself, who he kills just as easily as they killed the other warriors. Vegeta kills the King and just as the other prisoners arrive and declare them saviors for setting them free. Nappa and Vegeta head back to their space pods and leave, with the state the planet is in their realise they won't make anything from selling it. So when they are high enough in space, Vegeta destroys the planet.

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