DBZ Episode 118 - Frieza's Counterattack

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[edit] Episode 118 - Frieza's Counterattack

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Japanese Name: The Revenge of Freezer and his Father

Vegeta returns to Earth having failed to find Goku out in space. Bulma pokes fun at him and gives him some new set of clothes to wear, including a pink shirt, much to his disgust. Elsewhere, Chi-Chi hires a tutor for Gohan named Mr. Shu, who appears to be a rather strict teacher and even uses a whip.

Mr. Shu makes snide remarks about Gohan, and about Goku, leaving Gohan to eventually lose his temper. Chi-Chi storms in to stop Gohan’s rebellion, but after hearing Mr. Shu’s comments about Goku for herself, she throws him out the window and scares him away.

However, orbiting the Earth and preparing to land is a strange spacecraft. The mighty King Cold is inside, as well as his son, Frieza, who is back for revenge...

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