DBZ Episode 10 - A New Friend

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[edit] Episode 10. A New Friend

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There are 11 months left until the arrival of the Saiyans and Gohan is alone in the wilderness still. It's pouring with rain, and Gohan is out catching himself a fish to eat, once he catchs one he heads back to his cave, collecting some fruit on the way. He seems much braver now as he easily deals with a snake in one of the trees.

Back in the city Yamcha is working as a baseball player. He's a good player because of his strength but he doesn't find the job very satisfying. He doesn't mind getting involved in the fighting that breaks out though. Krillin turns up to find him, and takes him aside, telling him everything that has happened. He also explains that Kami wants to take them to his lookout for special training.

Gohan is asleep in the cave when in the night something comes inside and steals all the fruit he has collected. In the morning, Gohan finds all his food gone and a big dinosaur sleeping inside the cave. After initially running away, Gohan tries to be brave and face the dinosaur, but before he can do anything it collapses sue to a huge branch being lodged in it's side. Gohan uses all his strength to pull the branch out, and then make a medicene from leaves to put over the wound, like what he had made for himself earlier. He then goes about collecting food and water for the dinosaur.

Bulma, Krillin, Yamcha and Puar fly up towards Kami's Lookout for their training.

Gohan is still out collecting fruit, and imagines teaming up with the dinosaur once he is back to health. But once he gets back to the cave he finds the dinosaur is being attacked by a huge T-Rex. Gohan attacks the T-Rex but is knocked unconscious in the process. When he wakes up, he finds all that is left of the dinosaur he befriended is his skeleton.

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