DBZ Episode 108 - The Heavens Tremble

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[edit] Episode 108 - The Heavens Tremble

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Japanese name: Terrible Happenings in Heaven!! Garlic Jr. to Become Kami!?

Ten months have passed since the battle with Frieza and Garlic Jr, and his henchmen, having being released from the Dead Zone arrive on Earth to get his revenge on those who imprisoned him.

Elsewhere, Gohan is playing around in the forest and catching fish for dinner. Krillin pays him a visit and introduces him to Maron, his girlfriend. Everyone is heading the Kame House and invite Gohan, but he has to check with ChiChi first. Out in the wilderness, Piccolo is still hard at his training. Kami pays him a visit to ask Piccolo to take over his position of Earth's Guardian. However, Piccolo has no interest in it, also mentioning that Demons are stirring, and that Kami should keep his eyes open.

Up on Kami's Lookout, Garlic Jr's henchmen trash the place. Mr Popo recalls how Garlic Jr was granted immortality by Shenlong and caused trouble on Earth, only to be thrown into the Dead Zone by the combined efforts of Goku, Piccolo and Gohan. Garlic Jr then seals Mr Popo inside a tiny ball of energy and waits for Kami.

Back at the Kami House Maron is meeting Yamcha, Bulma and Master Roshi. ChiChi doesn't allow Gohan to go, insisting he must study this evening instead. However, he later heads out with Hiya Dragon.

Kami arrives back at the Lookout to find Garlic Jr waiting there, claiming the throne as his own. Before he can put up much of a resistance Kami is captured by Garlic Jr, and sealed inside a tiny glass jar, keeping him alive so that he can use the Dragon Balls to revive Garlic. Inside the temple, Garlic Jr finds the Aquamist (Black Water Mist in the English dub) which will render everyone under his control.

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