DBGT Episode 61 - The Limits of Power

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[edit] Episode 61 - The Limits of Power

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Japanese Name: I won't lose!! Goku Swallows the #4 Dragon Ball

The dragon laughs at Goku and Vegeta for not fighting seriously earlier, although Vegeta insists it was just Goku acting up, not him. Vegeta isn't especially happy about having to do the Fusion Dance a second time, and the dragon tells them he won't give them the chance to and attacks. To stop the dragon from swallowing the 4-star ball, Goku swallows it himself, eventually. Vegeta and Goku attack the dragon together but he seems to have not much trouble handling the two of them. He loses Goku and Vegeta inside a building and Goku asks Vegeta to fuse again, but before they can, the dragon destorys the building. The two of them take on the dragon again, but still seem to be struggling against him and fail to fuse a second time as the dragon interupts them. Goku and Vegeta try several more times over to fuse but each time the dragon gets in their way.

Goten and Trunks are eager to help but Gohan stops them, reminding them that Goku and Vegeta are having enough trouble against the dragon as SSJ4, so them interveening won't help at all.

Goku and Vegeta team up on the dragon but don't seem to be having much of an effect. They both charge forward but get caught in the dragon's beams. Goku has an idea and tells Vegeta to use shadows, the two of them use their shadows to confuse the dragon into thinking they are fusing. They successfully fuse, but it fails, the two of them are still two bodies. Goku tells Vegeta that he forgot to pose his finger properly, although Vegeta denies it. Trunks muses that the reason is they have used too much energy. They try again but this time, Goku has turned back into his normal form, and suddenly, the Dragon Ball appears on Goku's forehead.

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