DBGT Episode 55 - The Heart of the Prince

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[edit] Episode 55 - The Heart of the Prince

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Japanese Name: Bulma On The Move! The Vegeta-Remodeling Plan

The dragon and Goku both powerup in preparation for their battle. Elsewhere, Vegeta is about to head off to help him, but Bulma stops him, telling him she has an idea. Vegeta goes back to the training room, hating the difference between his and Goku's powers. He remembers their first battle when Vegeta came to Earth and how Goku let him live. How he became a Super Saiyan before he did, and now that he can become a SSJ4. He remembers they're fight at tournament when he let himself be controlled by Babidi to turn back into the cold hearted Prince he used to be, with no feelings or attachments to people. He remembers Goku's ability to SSJ3 and decided from then on to just surpass himself, not Goku. He goes to see what Bulma is doing and she says he can become a SSJ4 and shows him the data she recovered from the Tuffle Planet of Goku's transformation. She says that as Vegeta can control his Oozaru form, so if he got enough of the beam Baby used he could transform too into SSJ4, and maybe even surpass it.

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