DBGT Episode 54 - The Four-Star Dragon

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[edit] Episode 54 - The Four-Star Dragon

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Japanese Name: 6000 Degree Celsius Power! The Fighter of the Sun

Giru has picked up another signal of a Dragon Ball nearby in a city that seems to be deserted. Just as Pan is commenting about how hot the sun is, the next dragon appears, the one that holes the 4 star ball. The dragon is much stronger than the others and quickly takes Pan out of the fight by knocking her unconscious. The dragon tells that he is made fro the wish the King Piccolo made to be youthful again, and then he and Goku begin to fight. The dragon seems quite skilled and tells how he can generate his skin temperature to be like that of the suns. He chases Goku into a building and after alot of chasing, Goku finally counters using ki based attacks, although they seem to be doing no good against him either.

Elsewhere in the city where Giru and Pan are, the ground begins to freeze over and something attacks Giru whilst Pan is still unconscious, from the looks of him it is another dragon.

Meanwhile, Goku and the dragon are still fighting, although niether see, to make an awful lot of an impact on each other until the dragon is able to hit Goku with an intensified beam of heat. The dragon goes to attack him and just as he fires, Goku jumps up and uses Tien's Solar Flare technique to blind him. Goku tells the dragon to get serious with the fight to which the dragon agrees, transforming into a slightly different form. Goku too powers up to SSJ4, knowing he can deal with the extreme temperatures the dragon is.

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