DBGT Episode 53 - Saying Goodbye

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[edit] Episode 53 - Saying Goodbye

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Japanese Name: Pan Dies!? A Tearful 10-Fold Kamehameha

Goku continues to dodge the attacks of the dragon, although he becomes bored because Goku isn't countering. The dragon also has Pan's abilities and can fire a Kamehameha and begins attacking the city in an effort to enrage him, Pan shouts that Goku should just fight the dragon with his full strength. Goku transforms in SSJ4 although the dragon just laughs as he doesn't think Goku will attack him anyway, which he soon learns Goku will. The dragon is amzed Goku would attack with Pan inside his body and lashes out with little effect on Goku. Despite this, the dragon realises Goku isn't using his full strength because of Pan, and tells him so, saying if Goku had powered up and used the 10 times Kamehameha it would be enough to kill him. He tries to dare Goku into using it, and Pan tells him to use it too as she doesn't want to be used like this. Goku sees no alternative and uses the ten times Kamehameha, much to the dragon's suprise.

Elsewhere, Gohan and Videl are worried about the Earth and Pan..

The dust clears from Goku's Kamehameha, but the dragon is still standing, saying that Goku's Kamehameha wasn't even 5 times strength. The dragon attacks Goku and knocks him down, he lets Goku see Pan just before he is about to kill him, but Goku was just bluffing defeat. He grabs hold of Pan and pulls her from the dragon, saving her and returning the dragon to it's true form. It's true form is tiny and weak, and Goku easily kills him. Goku returns to him normal form and grabs the Dragon Ball, flying off with Pan and Giru in search of the next Dragon Ball.

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