DBGT Episode 52 - The Seven-Star Dragon

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[edit] Episode 52 - The Seven-Star Dragon

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Japanese Name: Look Out, Pan! Possessed By Qi Xing Long

Goku and Pan are off again, and Giru has picked up a signal for a Dragon Ball, saying it is deep in the ground. Something emerges from the ground, and as Giru sensed, it is another dragon. The dragon seems blind, so Goku shouts in his ear. The dragon is suprised they know his name, but he has no interest in fighting, saying he only likes to look at cities that have been destroyed by earthqueakes. The dragon then begins to dig into the ground and heads off, with Goku, Pan and Giru giving chase from the sky. In an attempt to get the dragon to fight, Goku insults him as he remembers it worked with Ubuu before, but he ignored his insults. The dragon heads on towards the city with the intention of setting off another earthquake, with Goku and Pan helping to stop the destruction and save the people that live in the town. As the dragon surfaces he is shocked to see no destruction at all, he becomes enraged and finally ready to fight. The dragon says he was made from the wish used to restore the lives of those killed by Majin Vegeta. He attacks, showing a move that transters ki to the ground, making it impossible to dodge on the ground and difficult in the air. The dragon manages to kill himself with the move however, releasing the Dragon Ball. Pan picks up the Dragon Ball but it's energy begins to expland and drag Pan inside, absorbing her and transforming the dragon into a new form. I got my wish, Pan got eaten ;) The dragon claims that he intentionally pretended to be injured, as he was only occupying the body of a rat. After explaining, the dragon begins to attack Goku, but Goku can only dodge as he is afraid his attacks would hurt Pan.

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