DBGT Episode 51 - The Six-Star Dragon

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[edit] Episode 51 - The Six-Star Dragon

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Japanese Name: Liu Xing Long! Find The Big Tornado Attack's Weak Point

Goku, Pan and Giru have come to a new town which Giru says a Dragon Ball is located at, although Giru's batteries are getting low so he's having trouble keep track of the signal. Suddenly, the sky rains with fish which the villagers quickly gather up to sell at the market, Goku gathers up some for himself too. Goku and Pan meet with a boy who tells them that since Princess Oto came to their town, none of the fisherman need to go to sea to catch fish anymore and have become lazy. He also tells that the seagulls have become hurt and even after healing don't dare to fly anymore. After eating a frying pan Giru senses a Dragon Ball close by, Goku and Pan see up ahead that Princess Oto is one of the dragons. The dragon confronts Goku and Pan and is embarrassed to tell them she was made of Oolong's wish for a pair of women's underwear. Goku and Pan attack but are unable to land any hits because the dragon has a shield up. As Goku attacks again but is blown away but the dragon's attack of twisting air into a tornado. She attacks repeatidly, although is distrrracted briefly by a seagull. As the dragon is attacking Goku, Pan fires a Kamehameha, which is matched with Goku's. The dragon is destroyed, and all the seagulls start to fly off, one of them dropping the Dragon Ball.

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