DBGT Episode 50 - The Five-Star Dragon

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[edit] Episode 50 - The Five-Star Dragon

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Japanese Name: Saiya-jin Power Dies An Honorable Death!? Electro-Dragon Wu Xing Long

With the dragon destroyed, all the pollution that he caused has disappeared. Goku and Pan head off again with Giru and locate a Dragon Ball up ahead in a city. They reach the city but find it empty, and a slime of sorts seems to be covering all the buildings and sparking with electricity. Goku and Pan are met by two people on their way out of the city, who explain that the slime is absorbing the electricity in the city, so everyone has left. It doesn't take long for the dragon to show himself, this one having the Five Star Dragon Ball. The dragon itself is tiny but in control of the slime in city, making it latch onto Goku and Pan. The dragon tells that he was made of the wish to bring Goku back to life to fight Vegeta and Nappa. Combining with the slime, the dragon grows to a much bigger size and attacks using the electricity he has absorbed. Powering up to SSJ4, in this form the dragon's attacks have little effect on Goku. Goku uses the 10 times Kamehameha and fires it straight to the dragon's belly, however the dragon is able to absorb it and throw it straight back. The dragon then begins to grow again sapping electrical power straight from the sources and becoming so huge to fills the whole city. The dragon manages to grab both Goku and Pan in his slime and electricutes them both until it begins to rain. The rain causes the elctricity to react uncontrollably, making them able to escape. The elctrcity runs too out of control, causing the dragon to collapse and release the Dragon Ball, with a little help from Goku's Kamehameha.

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