DBGT Episode 49 - The Two-Star Dragon

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[edit] Episode 49 - The Two-Star Dragon

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Japanese Name: The Strongest Enemy!? The Fearsome Underhanded Dragon

Goku doesn't seem impressed with dragon but he swears he is the strongest dragon. Despite his boasts, Pan is easily able to knock him aside and demands the Dragon Ball. Your summary writer is getting a little tired of Pan and wishes the dragon would just eat her or something. Anyway, Goku is worried the dragon is perhaps hiding his true form and advises Pan to not attack him. Pan obviously doesn't listen and goes on the offense, and easily knocks him to the ground. Several times. The dragon taunts Pan and just makes her mad, she attacks him yet again, despite all this knocking around, the dragon doesn't seem all that phased, infact, he begins to even block the attacks Pan throws at him now. He grabs hold of Pan, and Goku as he attacks him, and throws them down. The dragon grabs Pan again, and this time as Goku attacks, he hits him away with his tail. The dragon explains how his negative energy has affected the water and turned the water vapour around is poison, which is why they have been getting weaker. He says he was made from the negative energy from a wish Goku made to bring back to life Upa's father when Goku was very young. With the two of them weakened, he grabs them and is about to throw them in the poisoned lake until Giru intervenes. It doesn't make much difference as the dragon knocks Giru into the lake then throws Pan and Goku in. Giru finds Pan under the water and takes him to a non polluted area. In the ground there is a small air current coming up from a hole, Goku fires a Kamehameha down there and sets off a geyzer. As the clear water restores their strength, the two of them fire a Kamehameha at the dragon, destroying him and freeing the Dragon Ball.

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