DBGT Episode 47 - The Greatest Surprise

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[edit] Episode 47 - The Greatest Surprise

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Japanese Name: A Grand Turnabout! Goku's and #18's Combo Attack Explodes

Videl and ChiChi are flying to help Goku, with Bulma and Bura flying behind in a capsule car. As they approach they begin to see the devastation on the land from the fighting.

Dr Myuu belittles Goku as Super 17 fires the death blow towards him, just in the nick of time he managed to teleport and grab onto Super 17's back. Goku then decides to blow himself up with Super 17, thinking he would die either way. As the dust clears, Goku collapses on the ground, back into his base form. But despite Goku's effort, Super 17 is still active, claiming he spread a barrier to protect himself. Super 17 prepares another death blow at Goku, but before he can fire, 18 intervenes, still enraged from when 17 killed Krillin. 18 claims she only lived earlier because 17 was worried about the bomb inside her, 17 not knowing of course, that Shenlong removed those bombs years ago. She dares 17 to attack, saying the explosion from her bomb will destroy him too. It's then that Super 17 says he's not afraid of the bomb, and fires the attack on Dr Myuu, for calling him a coward. 18 attacks at Super 17 with a large amount of ki, keeping him occupied while Goku attacks him with a Dragon Fist, going straight through him. Goku turns around and fires the Kamehameha straight at him. Once the dust has settled, Goku explains to 18 why 17 was acting the way he was, also wondering if he didn't intentionally kill 18, not just because of the bomb. Just then, Videl and ChiChi arrive with Bulma and Bura not far behind.

The group, along with everyone else set off to find the Dragon Balls to correct the damage caused by the recent events. They soon have them all and attempt to summon the dragon, but are a little concerned that they are cracked. As the sky darkens as it usually would, the dragon balls let out an evil ki, revealing a strange dragon - not Shenlong.

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